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Aiken Esthetics offers Nailtiques products specially designed for all kinds of needs your nail has. They have been providing services since 1990 by providing protein-filled formulas that make your nails stronger for your everyday tasks. We also provide fingernail creme made to withstand loads of chemicals that your hands experience all the time.

Nailtiques Products

Throughout the years that Nailtiques has been in the market, they have provided products made for different kinds of nail issues that you’re experiencing. Below are the formulas that they provided for each kind of nails.

Formula 1 – For healthy nails

Formula 1 is specially made for maintaining your healthy nails. It prevents external injuries that might affect the physical and internal condition of your fingernails. 

How to apply formula 1

  1. Wash hands thoroughly to ensure that no foreign materials are to be applied with it
  2. If you have applied a nail polish prior to formula 1, remove it first then apply formula 1 as your base coat.
  3. Apply the product three times per week it can be also applied as a top coat over your nail polish. 

Formula 2 – For Weak, soft or peeling nails

If you have weak and soft nails, Formula 2 is to be applied to ensure the proper protein gain for healing nails. Weak and soft nails can be gained from everyday exposure of chemicals like cleaning materials. It can also be applied to bitten nails. Note that biting your nails could affect its natural growth, we recommend that you seek professional help to stop this habit.

Apply the formula daily on the affected nails. When your nails have healed, quickly change to using formula 1 for maintenance purposes.

Formula 3 – For hard nails

If you have long brittle nails, Formula 3 is the best solution to you. Sometimes hard nails can originate from dehydration. It can also lead to cracking skins at your finger which is extremely painful. We recommend that you apply Nailtiques moisturizer along with Formula 3 to help your fingers be as best as possible. We also have oil therapy for fingers that are too damaged.

Apply it everyday on the damaged nails, if you’re wearing nail polish just rack it by applying from the top.

Formula 2 Plus – For problematic nails

Formula 2 Plus is to be applied only when Formula 2 and 3 weren’t able to fix your nail problems. This formula has a stronger solution so once the nail has improved, return to your first treatment plan.

Apply once everyday. Formula 2 Plus can be applied over the previous coating if you don’t have time to remove it. The previously applied formula should be removed at least once per week.

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