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A Proper Guide to Care for Your Nails

Your fingernails are your first protection against any physical injuries or microbial infection that everyone could get from the surroundings. Although it protects from diseases, we should also protect them from the damages our everyday life brings. The simplest way to protect our nails is by trimming them regularly. Some people feel a little bit off when they feel that their nails have grown even a little.

If you are an athlete, we’re pretty sure that having grown nails affected the performance of the sports that you are playing. If you are playing basketball, you might injure yourself or others if you have long nails because it is a sport that includes a lot of physical contacts. In a volleyball game, players with long nails could have a disrupted performance. All volleyball players rely on their practised move, but in the instances that you don’t have a well-groomed nail, your performance just might be a little off.

Our top product, Nailtiques Color Lacquer, provides you essential care for your nails. This will help strengthen your nails from any damage and bacteria as it gives them protein boost. If you wish to know more about this product, we suggest you to read further.

Nailtiques Colour Lacquer

People usually put nail polishes on their own fingers and nails as a way of expressing their feelings and emotions. Be sure to get your tools and nail polishes at trusted shops. We at Aiken Esthetics offer Nailtiques Colour Lacquer, to help your nails give it a healthy glow. It is incorporated with nail proteins that would surely keep your nails at its tip-top shape.

Before applying nail polishes, you must first thoroughly clean and sanitize both your hands and the tools that you would be using. Make sure that you have your own materials before proceeding because we should always be careful with your own body. If you are planning to apply nail polishes to your toenails, clean it and remove rough edges to prevent accidents that could come from hangnails.

Take extra care when using cleaning tools as the wrong usage might lead to injuries. File and buff the edges first to ensure a good shape for your nails. Apply Nailtique Formula #1 then let it dry. Now apply the base and topcoat simultaneously then let it cool. Laying your fingers on cold sterilized water can help you speed up the process.

Signs that You Have a Healthy Nail

Even if you think that your nails might look a little different compared to others, there are indications that your nail is healthier compared to others. Below are some ways you can identify that your nails are at its best condition.

  1. Pinkish hue

Your nail bed or the tissue that your nails protect should have a pinkish colour. You can apply a capillary nail refill test to check if your nails are healthy.  This test is to monitor if an individual is dehydrated or if there’s an interruption with their blood flow. 

This test could be taken by:

  • Press your fingernail with your other finger.
  • The pinkish colour should be gone when the pressure is applied.
  • Release the applied pressure.
  • Its natural colour should be back instantly.

When the test is finished and it exactly produced the result that you were expecting, then worry not you are as good as healthy.

  1. Durable

Your nails shouldn’t be too hard that when you apply pressure, they break easily. It should not be too soft also that when you apply pressure they go with it. It must be hard but flexible enough that it can withstand your everyday living scenario. Sometimes, a nail may be brittle because of an underlying health condition like anaemia.

  1. Vertical ridges

Having vertical ridges is normal for fingernails, as you age the ridges grow along with it due to hormonal changes that you experience as you grow older. However, if your nails show indications of having horizontal ridges or Beau’s line, you might be experiencing a serious health condition related to zinc deficiency. 

  1. No bite marks

The biting of nails is a habit that originated when some people are still young. Biting the nails is an effect of a serious health condition where the person might be experiencing personal trauma, depression or anxiety. At the same time, it can lead to infected cuticles and permanent damage to your nails.

  1. Moisturized fingers

Having soft nails is a bad indication for your health, so is having a dry one. Keep your fingers moisturized to avoid cracking skins. If you have dry cracking skin, you might be more prone to infection and at the same time, it will hurt in the long run. Save yourself the trouble of dry fingers by applying lotion or petroleum jelly daily.

Common Nail Issues

If your nails are not as stated as above, chances are that you have an underlying health issue or your nails need extra maintenance. Some of the most common nail problems are:

  1. Ingrown nail

Ingrown nails are when your nails grow inward to your skin or tissue. These nails would usually tear apart your skin leading to bacterial infection.

Indications that you have ingrown nails are:

  • Constant pain in your nails
  • Swelling of your fingers/toes
  • Redness of the surrounding flesh

Poor blood flow can also lead to the growth of ingrown nails, this is a common issue with people that have diabetes.

  1. Nail injury

Accidents are unavoidable especially those that lead to nail deformation like dropping a solid object or being stuck at the corner of a door. At times, it could lead to your nails falling off from its roots. It would appear purple or black depending on the trauma that your nail is experiencing. It could take at least two years before it fully grows back.

  1. Bitten nails

Biting your nails could lead to some permanent damage. By regularly biting nails, you are stopping them from growing. As mentioned earlier, this is also an indication that a person is suffering from some mental health issue and they bite their nails as a way to cope up. We recommend you to see professionals on how to stop this habit.

Some of these issues can usually be treated by yourself or your parents. Some of these complications even heal by themselves when left alone. Although, we recommend you to go see the doctor if the pain becomes intolerable.

How to care for your nails

Aiken Esthetics has been providing the nail products of all kinds ever since we opened in 1990. We have helped many people to prevent any kind of infections or diseases on their nails. Along with our recommended formulas, we can help you overcome any common fingernail issues.

  1. Regular trimming of nails

Nails grow longer as each day passes by. Unlike the belief that they grow from where the white part starts, they actually grow from the bottom of your cuticle. The new nails push the old ones outside because it is now weak, brittle and dead. It is your job to remove them because the longer they stay, the more they accumulate dirt.

  1. Formula #2 for soft nails

If you have soft nails that leads to keratin peeling and splitting. You might have been exposed to chemicals such as cleaning detergents, acidic treatments and exposure to too much nail polishes. You can treat this by avoiding such chemicals and letting your fingers rest for a week. Take vitamin B and calcium supplements and at the same time apply Nailtique Formula #2 daily. Once healthy, use Formula #1 for maintenance.

  1. Formula # 3 for hard nails

People who are living under a state where their climate rotates around four seasons usually experience this kind of condition. Your skin turns too dry during the colder months. Repeated hand washing could also lead to having hard nails because they wash off the oils produced to maintain the moisturization in your hands.

To treat this condition, you must wash your hands first to prevent infection from coming in. With the use of a clean nail clipper, cut the excess skin that is surrounding your finger. After cutting it apply Formula #3 to soften and moisturize the succeeding skin.

  1. Oil therapy for brittle nails

Brittle nails usually interrupt our daily actions because it leads to painful splitting the moment we move our fingers. It is usually caused by repeated wetting and drying of nails, intentional or not. At times, this also indicates that you have an iron deficiency.

You can treat this by having an oil therapy first to prevent further accumulation of breakage. We also recommend that you use Formula #2 plus if the nails are too damaged. This helps in moisturizing and keeping your nails healthy.

Overall, our nails describe our current health condition. So don’t look confused the next time your doctor tries to look at your fingers. It is usually one way to see what kind of illness you have at the moment. 

Remember to always take good care of your nails!

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