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Nailtiques Your Go-to Nail Care Products

Aiken Esthetics has been providing unique nail products since 1990. We provide nail formulas that would surely help your nail feel the glow-up that it needs. Nailtiques is a known Canadian nail care distributor. We have all the treatment plans they’ll ever need.

Strong healthy nails do not just happen. They must be carefully taken care of on a regular basis.

Our fingers could have been one of the most hard working muscles that we have in our body. They work wonders in grooming ourselves. Without it, we’d be too filthy because we can’t grab anything. It also aids us in feeding ourselves, we might not be able to hold our food and even feed ourselves without it. 

Some professionals also rely on their fingers to work for them. One example is doctors who use their hands and steady fingers to help in saving other people’s lives. Art and music artists also prevent any damages and diseases to their hands. It is the part of their body that keeps them alive and what they use to cope with other things that they have a hard time processing with. 

If you use your fingers in almost everything that you do daily, chances are that you might be forgetting to care for them. Yes, washing your hands after everything that you do could save you the trouble of being infected but what about your nails? Have you ever checked them if they’ve grown too long? Are they pale, peeling or impacted?

Your nails could indicate your daily health conditions. They could even tell what kind of job or what chemicals you usually use your hands for as they react with everything that you do. If you have a liver problem, you might be having a pale or fingernail. Now, if you have yellow-toned fingertips, you might have a fungal infection due to your way of living or required load work at your everyday job. 

Caring for your nails means taking good care of your overall health. To prevent your nails from being infected, we recommend you to use your own nail clippers rather than what your local manicurist uses. Some dirt and bacteria that their first client has, might be transferred to you if not sanitized properly. We all want a healthy body, let’s stop the exposure of our own body to others by investing in equipment that only we would use. 

Here are the steps on how to sanitize your own equipment after use. 

  • We clean our tools every after use by boiling it in water for ten minutes then scrubbing it with disinfectant soap.
  • Dry it down with a clean paper towel.
  • Rub every edge with alcohol.
  • Dry again.

Aside from our products, we offer guides for proper nail care. Feel free to send us some questions for tips and we’ll answer them in no time. By being open with everything that we do, we ensure the trust formed with our company. If you have any more concerns, kindly contact us. Thank you!

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